Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inaugural Post!

Welcome all furriends and their staff to Tuesday the cat’s blog! (Aka MewMewMunchyToe) Beware! This blog may contain material that is bound to make you laugh, and is dangerously funny! You may be inclined to think like a cat and purr your heart out as you join us by celebrating our neurotic love for cats! MewMewMunchyToe is kicking off the celebration with a huge pawty filled with mewsic, yummy noms, and all kinds of celebratory bric-a-brac, made for and appreciated by all cats and their followers the world over! Meowsa Meowsa Meowsa!

                     The band has set up for a night of fab mewsic and dancing!


           Each guest will be greeted by a furriendly kitty bearing gifts for you to enjoy!


Hold on to your whiskers! Check out the yummy noms awaiting each guest!

Afterwards, you'll be so tuckered out you'll need to take a nap! I guarantee it!

I just know you're gunna enjoy MewMew's blog! Please stop by anytime and say meowllo!!

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