Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Etti-cat! The Etiquette Cat With a Knack for Good Manners!

No one can deny the fact that cats are socially purrfect! Graceful and intelligent, with an aptitude for navigating any situation, it’s no wonder that  in 1965 a feline named “Etti-Cat” was created to help steer etiquette deficient and impolite Americans into a world of manners and courtesy! 

Etti-Cat, also known as the “Courtesy Cat” was originally featured in a children’s book titled “The Courtesy Cat.” Delightfully written as a tool for teaching school aged children proper etiquette and socially acceptable behaviors, the author, Jo Mary McCormick, created this fun and easy to read book featuring a lovable tuxedo cat flanked on the cover by a United States and United Nations flag. Displaying just enough patriotism to make any polite American proud, Etti-Cat eagerly shows his readers appropriate manners through funny photos accompanied by sweet and witty dialogue from a cat’s purrspective. 

Be easy to get along with. I get along with Ginger, the dog, even though I am a cat.

When someone leaves his desk drawer open, don't be curious and look inside or touch anything in it.

Etti-Cat quickly gained popularity among adults…especially those that maybe needed a little brushing up on their lack luster people skills. 

Stretch your arms way out once in a while, it is good for you. I also move my ears.

Call this a stretch, but at one point the New York Board of Transportation decided to feature Etti-Cat on New York subway ceiling ads (marquee signs). 

Display inside the New York Transit Museum featuring Etti-Cat in a ceiling ad. Here Etti-Cat explains how dopey you'll feel if you decide to scribble over subway walls..obviously a problem the New York Board of Transportation has dealt with for almost 50 years!

In these ads, Etti-Cat politely teaches passengers the in’s and out’s of courteous and appropriate subway behavior. Anyone who’s been to New York may agree with me when I suggest that maybe Etti-Cat needs to be brought back! (Just a suggestion...)

Etti-Cat telling New Yorkers to kindly give up their seat to little white haired ladies!

Please enjoy some more adorable pictures from "The Courtesy Cat!"

Its not kind to stare. It makes other people uncomfortable.

Flowers are to look at and enjoy because they are beautiful. Do not pick or disturb them without permission. I'm sorry I did.

Remember to say thank you if someone gives you a special treat like an ice cream cone. It may not be a big present but it is meant kindly.

Climbing into chests or old refrigerators, it is not safe. You might get locked in. That's why I have my head sticking out.

When you sneeze or cough, always cover your mouth. Oops, I didn't have time.