Saturday, July 30, 2011

Like Oh My Cat! The 80's Were Totally Pawsome!

Hi everyone! My name is Cyndi Clawper. MewMewMunchyToe asked me if I could share with you some of my favorite 80’s memories...since I graduated from Garfield High school in 1988. Whatta year! Come with me as we travel down memory lane reminiscing about the glorious 80's. Like oh my cat!

Here's a picture of me with my radical glasses! I was totally freakin out when I got them! Don't they make me look bodacious!?

Here is the cover of our senior yearbook! How pawsome were we! Go Lions!

 As a high school senior, my furriends and I decided to keep journals, or "slam books" of all the like fabulous events that were totally pawsome in 1988!

Many of the pages of these journals have since fallen out, so I keep the pages in my OG TrapperKeeper.

Here is a picture of my best furriends Fluffy! She borrowed that blouse from me! Doesn't she look like a total Valley Girl!? Fur sure!

In 1988 we were totally freakin excited about "Halley's Comet!" Oh my cat! What if it totally hits my house!

1988 was "The Year of the Cat!" Morris had a strong running for the White House! He would've won if we had gotten more of the domestic cat vote!

"Cat's Eye" was and still is like the bestest movie ever made paws-down!

Like every "cool cat" munched on like the bestest cat food ever! CatChow was totally pawsome dude!

"Kiban Cats" were tubular funny!

Hodori was the official mascot of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. It may not have been a domesticated house cat but at least it was some kind of cat! Like gooo America!

To celebrate the '88 Olympics, we all got "sporty" and took up tennis! Notice my then boyfurriend Tom! OMC we look so fly in our Lacoste tennis outfits! He was such a boy toy!

"Pound Purries" were so cool! I was totally stoked when my mom got me one fur my birthday!

Mom! Don't even try and get me off my new cellular phone! I was so stoked when daddy bought me one fur my graduation! Major!

Like do you blame me fur talkin on the phone all day when I had a stud-o-rama boyfurriend like this!!?

 The 1980's were full of fashion trends! Some that were pawsome, and some that were like so embarrassing! Here is an example of a few!
Here is a picture of my bestest pal Spike! He totally rocked these pawsome shades!

Ok just fur the record, I did not date this guy! He totally had the hots fur me! Gag me with a spoon! I would never be caught dead with anyone who drinks Bud! Yuck! That is so gnarly! I'm all bout the wine coolers baby!

Like Oh my cat! "Hiss Jeans" were totally absolutely major! I thought I was gunna have a cow when I got my furst denim skirt! (You humans may know them as "Guess")

Ok this is what happens when you get a gift certificate to "Wet Seat" and have seen to many Madonna videos! Not every cat could pull this look off!

Look out Jane Fonda! Olivia Newton John hold on to your leo-tard! All the cool cats would hit the gym, and sometimes sport this fabulous fashion trend while just hangin at the mall! Cat Benatar eat you heart out! This outfit was so fresh!

Like every cat needed to look totally pawsome! These styling products were critical if you wanted that new wave look!

Everyone was totally wiggin' out when Fluffy showed us this picture! Can you believe she actually got a chance to meet Morgan Fairchild! She is soo fly!

Putting posters up in your bedroom was mandatory if you wanted all your furriends to see how cool you were! Here are the one's that hung in my room.

"Take me to your leader or I will scratch you! I am a high tech robot!"

RADICAL! Need I say more!?

Please note: I am in no way promoting or endorsing the dressing up of any animal. These photos have been presented simply as a curiosity only. I’ve selected them partially for their humor, and partially due to the fact that they are somewhat intriguing and wacky. Anyone who knows me would tell you that I am an avid animal lover, and would never support the mistreatment of an animal…

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  1. Those are some crazy costumes! We've come a long way in 30 years!!!!